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Baking Creations by Dana

“A Unique Low Carb Bakery”

Dana’s Famous Quiche Recipes… and More!

 is a beautiful compilation of recipes with a vast selection of  dishes, including many that can be converted into low carb! With over 100  recipes, each is written in the most simplistic way to ensure easy preparation with delicious results!            Order yours TODAY!

A baker since 2008, Dana began her career by baking quiche! Her varieties became the talk of the town! Eventually, she went on to become a professional quiche maker and serviced diners, caterers, private clients and even published her cookbook:

“Dana’s Famous Quiche Recipes…& More!”  

Never satisfied with the taste or texture of any scone she ever tried, developing her own line  became her next venture! From there, “scooks” were created…textured like a scone, but sweeter like a cookie! Her scones and scooks became the latest craze at farmers markets, parties and are the perfect bed & breakfast compliment to any room!    

Still on her journey to shed some extra pounds, she chose a low carb lifestyle and soon found herself questioning where all the flavors were with all the low carb baked breads or desserts she had ever tried! The rest is history…or shall we say “the future” of the best low carb, keto, gluten free, diabetic, vegan & paleo friendly creations of baked goods you could  ever dream of!

I am so excited to present my most recent Baking Creations by Dana line of low carb, keto, gluten-free, diabetic and paleo friendly baked goods!  I offer savory & sweet items such as bagels, flat breads, biscuits, cookies, mini cakes and the list goes on with tons of new creative recipes consistently arising, to compliment your Sunday breakfast, holiday meals or special treats just for you! It’s about time our low carb, diabetic and gluten free friends and family can enjoy their very own special breads and desserts to feel a part of every celebration and family gathering!

Try our Everything bagels…or how about our Rosemary & Olive Oil bagel, or perhaps our Cinnamon & Sugar bagel for a sweeter breakfast sensation!… All low-carb & gluten free!!!

The flavors are endless!   Italian Spice, Rosemary & Parmesan, Spinach & Artichoke, Sauteed Mushroom & Mozzarella cheese, Roasted Garlic and so much more!…All low-carb & gluten free!!!